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Choosing a good bike computer for navigation

Technology has never been better as of the 21st century. Even with newer technology models such as the Apple Watch, inventors sure have not been complacent in terms of coming up with new ways to make our lives much easier. That said, cycle computers have taken the world by storm, and it is difficult not to see a cyclist with a cycle computer on one of their handlebars.

Looking at the website, cycle computers are the newest form of technology, which enables cyclists to keep track and log the miles they have rode, where they have been, and how fast they have traveled. Most cycle computers cost $200 at the least. However, added features can influence the price. These features include: Email and phone support, turn navigation, touchscreen user interface, and water resistance technology. Here are some of the best bike computers for navigation.

Garmin Edge 510

Garmin Edge 510The Edge 510 features an exceptionally long battery life, amazing features and functionality, and provides course navigation which makes riding so much easier. The Garmin Edge 510 sells for about $330, but its value makes it a necessity for bike riders who seek to stake claim to every trail. What makes this product so wonder is its functionality, in essence.

The Edge 510 can be paired to your smartphone, which opens up a door of possibilities for the product. Also, the Edge 510 is very durable and lightweight. For all of these functions, this product is really affordable. It is much cheaper than most smartphones, being just as functional.


Magellan Cyclo 505

Although its battery life isn’t as lengthy as the Garmin Edge 510, the Cyclo 505 makes up for it with an amazing sensor compatibility. One of the best features about the Cycle 505 is its turn by turn navigation. Never again will cyclists have to study the map of a trail they want to ride.

With the Cyclo 505, bike riders can spontaneously ride with the wind, with a reliable GPS.

Family outdoor cooking and food smokers

Propane smokers are considerably inexpensive. A very good one can be purchased within $250. If you are willing to spend around $350 then you can buy the best propane smokers out there that are characterized by sturdier construction and phenomenal smoking capacity. Most propane smokers are portable. This means that you can take them pretty much anywhere. They can be taken to campsites or, fishing sites or to a friends place. Some of them run on 14-ounce canisters that people usually run their blowtorches with. When it comes to full size propane smokers, it is worth remembering that it will weigh around 20 pounds when topped up. If your outdoor space is limited then propane smokers are ideal and should be considered over offset barrel smokers that have a much larger footprint. A major problem that outdoor cookers face is the soot that deposits on the food while cooking. This is not a problem with propane smokers as the burn much more cleanly and efficiently in comparison to other outdoor cooking devices. A wood or charcoal burning smoker would have the user put in much more labor. The smoking temperature is easier and safer to maintain as well as most propane smokers are equipped with a quick push-button ignition feature. These are some of the many advantages that you will get. Some ideal versions available for purchased are mentioned below that are worth looking out for. If you want to get your self the best propane smoker for the money please keep reading.

My top recommendations

Masterbuilt 20051311 food smoker1. Masterbuilt 20051311

This is a best seller! It is available for only 200 dollars. The product features 4 chrome coated racks. This means that the overall cooking space adds up to 717 square inches. It starts with a push of a button making it very easy to use. The wood chip tray is coated with porcelain making it easy to clean when needed. If you have kids then this one is a good one to have as the handles do not get hot even after cooking for great lengths of time.

2. Camp Chef Smoke Vault

This propane smoker has gotten a lot of excellent reviews all over the internet and for good reason. For 202 dollars you are getting a very high quality product. The model features a door thermometer. At first glance Camp chef smoke vault looks like a bank vault. It looks good and is easy to use. It consists of 2 smoking racks that can be adjusted when needed. One of my favorite features is its damper valves. This helps keep the meet moist while also infusing flavor. The wood tray is very durable as it is made of heave gauge steel. Overall this product gives a cook the option to customize. It is a great buy and well recommended.

3. Smoke Hollow 38202G

For 210 dollars, you will be able to purchase this product. There are 2 doors to refill the water and wood pan. Non of the flavorful smoke gets out while opening or closing the doors. But there are vents to release smoke if that is needed. The temperature can be adjusted with a gas control system. The cabin in it has 3.4 cubic feet of space that is made of steel to insulate the heat. Smoke Hollow 38202G is worth buying if you are looking for a propane smoker at a mid range price.

4. Smoke Hollow 44241G

If you don’t mind spending a little extra money, 320 dollars can get you the best of the best. This product has 2 wood chip pans ensuring that enough smoke fills the cabinet. The pans are coated with porcelain so the heat from the wood chips stays within the mechanism. Smoke Hollow 44241G comes with 3 cooking grates, a rack for ribs and 2 trays for smoke jerky. There are 2 doors so refueling doesn’t leak out precious flavor. If I were you I would be drooling over this product.

5. Masterbuilt M7P 7 in 1 Smoker Grill

Looking to save some money? For 90 dollars this this baby can be yours. This product is a multipurpose machine. It occupies very little space. Charcoal or propane can be used to run Masterbuilt M7P. Using it you can boil, steam, cook, smoke food or even deep fry! The main bowl compartment is made of steel and porcelain coated. As it takes up so little space camping is ideal. I love this model. Its cheap, serves many purposes and insures ease of portability.

Pick your favorite!

The listed propane smokers are the best of the best. They feature unique qualities making all of them worth buying. Make the right decision and start enjoying cooking outdoors as soon as you can. Years of outdoor fun await you!

New baby, new shower

Triton Seville 10.5kw electric showerTired of the old gas shower taking up your time, waiting to heat and running your water bill up at the same time? It may be time for you to look over your electric shower options. Thanks to a competitive market, finding the best electric shower that is right for you has never been easier. Listed below, we will take a look at three of the best options available on the market today so that you can begin your new shower experience tomorrow.

Before we get started, we need to first go over what it is we want in a new electric shower. Options such as the convenience of the installation, the amount of power you will be getting with this new setup, the shower head itself, and the price you are willing to pay all play an important role in your decision making process. Thankfully, each option detailed in this review has great ratings across the board. It is up to you to decide which one fits all of your needs.

The first name you need to remember is Triton. Triton showers are leading the way in the electric shower industry and for good reason. State of the art technology can be found on all of Triton’s makes and models. The Triton Seville tops Triton products due to every single detail made to make your shower experience bliss. Affordable, power and temperature control, multiple spraying patterns, and sensors to keep your shower from reaching extreme temperatures, the Triton Seville is the ultimate electric shower experience.

Also on par with the Seville is another Triton product, the Triton Martinique. Although the price tends to scare some potential buyers away, the Martinique boasts the same high quality and great additions as does the Seville. One extra perk from the Martinique is the Phased Shutdown feature which helps flush excess water from the shower when you are finished, saving you from interior water damage buildup.

The final electric shower really worth purchasing comes from another strong brand, the Creda All Chrome Electric Shower. Creda offers a stylish shower that suits any bathroom. With advanced safety and eco-friendly features, such as easy one touch push buttons to stop and start your shower, it is easy to see why the Creda All Chrome finishes off our list. Priced around the same as the Triton Martinique, Creda users find the value of a sophisticated looking, easy to operate shower the reason why they choose this product.

Overall, you can’t go wrong when choosing between any of these three products. They are all well beyond the competitors options and priced at a competitive price. When making such a big decision to switch to electric showers, it is nice to know you have three top of the line options available to your every need.