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Choosing a good bike computer for navigation

Technology has never been better as of the 21st century. Even with newer technology models such as the Apple Watch, inventors sure have not been complacent in terms of coming up with new ways to make our lives much easier. That said, cycle computers have taken the world by storm, and it is difficult not to see a cyclist with a cycle computer on one of their handlebars.

Looking at the website, cycle computers are the newest form of technology, which enables cyclists to keep track and log the miles they have rode, where they have been, and how fast they have traveled. Most cycle computers cost $200 at the least. However, added features can influence the price. These features include: Email and phone support, turn navigation, touchscreen user interface, and water resistance technology. Here are some of the best bike computers for navigation.

Garmin Edge 510

Garmin Edge 510The Edge 510 features an exceptionally long battery life, amazing features and functionality, and provides course navigation which makes riding so much easier. The Garmin Edge 510 sells for about $330, but its value makes it a necessity for bike riders who seek to stake claim to every trail. What makes this product so wonder is its functionality, in essence.

The Edge 510 can be paired to your smartphone, which opens up a door of possibilities for the product. Also, the Edge 510 is very durable and lightweight. For all of these functions, this product is really affordable. It is much cheaper than most smartphones, being just as functional.


Magellan Cyclo 505

Although its battery life isn’t as lengthy as the Garmin Edge 510, the Cyclo 505 makes up for it with an amazing sensor compatibility. One of the best features about the Cycle 505 is its turn by turn navigation. Never again will cyclists have to study the map of a trail they want to ride.

With the Cyclo 505, bike riders can spontaneously ride with the wind, with a reliable GPS.